concrete price

  • In September 2011, our company Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross, as part of its strategy of continuous development, launched another branch located in Brent Cross. The construction of the Brent Cross Concrete Plant in this region aims to meet the needs of the local market and the surrounding area. It is currently the most modern concrete plant in the region. Its advantages are high production capacity and the ability to produce any class of concrete mix.Entering the new market, we have set a completely new standard of product quality and customer service. We invite all customers expecting high quality products, professional advice and service of well-trained staff to cooperate with us. Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross's business profile is concrete production, concrete pumping and concrete delivery.

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross concrete plant will provide the following types of concrete.

    1. Heavy concrete, the weight of which exceeds 2600 kg / m2. Its weight is related to the fact that manganese, steel or other special aggregates are used to make it suitable for durability and resistance. It is used as a biological shield, protecting against ionizing radiation;

    2. Plain concrete with a volumetric weight of 2000-2200 kg / m2 or 2200-2600 kg / m2. It is not intended for laying in the winter, because it may begin to crack or delaminate. The heavier version, using natural aggregates, such as sand, gravel or basalt stone, is used primarily to make construction elements. The lighter, to which porous aggregates are added, is ideal for parts that need to have increased thermal insulation, such as curtain walls;

    3. Lightweight concrete, weighing from 800 to 2000 kg / m2. It is mainly made of lightweight aggregates or aerated concrete (based on cement, sand, water and a foam generating agent). Used mainly for leveling surfaces or as a primer, as well as for the production of wall and ceiling panels.

  • We encourage you to use our Concrete Delivery Brent Cross service. Our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross concrete plant delivers the concrete mix to the construction address. The road must be adapted to the total weight of the vehicle. We have our own truck transport, which allows us to offer you comprehensive service in the supply of concrete, precast, aggregates and concrete pumping. Concretes transported with concrete mixers are produced in a plastic consistency. At the client's request, additions are used for concrete. We serve both companies and individual customers. We have modern and reliable transport facilities. Our main goal is delivery on time. We have: -Concrete mixers with a capacity of 4m3 to 12m3. -9m3 pear pump with a 28m pump. -Concrete pumps with outreach from 21m to 36m including indoor pumps.

  • Among the many services offered by our company Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross recommends Concrete Pump Brent Cross. When using currently produced devices, the concrete mix pumped should contain at least 200 kg of cement per m3 of concrete. For this reason, we pump concrete with appropriate parameters. The cone fallout and the water-cement ratio should be within the appropriate coefficient limits. The pump has additional water tanks for cleaning and rinsing it. After finishing work, the pump must be washed at the construction site. To this end, space should be provided for leaving concrete residues from the pump cage and pipeline. You can order the concrete pumping service from our consultant.


  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Cross concrete plant offers various types of concrete. At first glance, it may seem that choosing concrete is one of the easiest stages when building a house. Meanwhile, every good specialist knows that concrete mixes can vary significantly, not just in strength. Much depends on the prevailing external conditions or what task this element of the structure will perform. What are the types and classes of concrete, and above all: what to decide? One of the classifications used to divide concrete is the one whose criterion is the volumetric weight. In this way we can distinguish: heavy concrete

    - plain concrete,

    - lightweight concrete, If we have ever built a house, we certainly noticed in the design markings defining the material used.

    This is nothing more than concrete grades that determine the apparent density along with the compressive strength. Generally accepted European standards apply in this classification.